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Our orthodontist and team are pleased to offer many types of braces to help you have the beautiful smile you want. Ceramic braces are a very cosmetically appealing option because their tooth-colored material can be shaded to the color of your natural teeth so that the casual observer may not even notice your smile has braces.

Even though ceramic braces are quite durable, they require proper care and cleaning every day to remain in top shape. If a component of the braces becomes damaged or is affected by the development of tooth decay, it could extend the amount of time required to correct your teeth.

Similar to natural teeth, it’s important to brush your braces twice a day, as well as floss between each tooth and around the gums daily. An optimal time to floss is in the evening after you have eaten your final meal or snack for the day. If you struggle to clean some of the hard-to-reach areas of your smile, you can speak with Dr. Ronald Cass about using an interdental brush or a floss threader to ease the process.

We encourage you to be aware of certain foods and habits that can cause damage to ceramic braces. For example, you should avoid gum and sticky foods because these can become stuck in your braces around the wires and bands and cause part of the appliance to come loose or break. A similar outcome can occur from bad habits such as eating hard candy or tough foods or chewing on ice and pens.

We recommend that you limit your consumption of dark foods and drinks because these can stain your natural tooth enamel that is not covered by the ceramic material and cause your teeth to become a different shade than your braces. If you wish to enjoy dark beverages, we invite you to use a straw and brush your teeth within a short amount of time afterward.

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