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When you think about braces, what comes to mind? Probably a picture on an awkward teen or pre-teen trying to smile through a mouthful of metal. But the truth is that orthodontics aren’t just for kids anymore. More and more adults are opting to straighten their smiles, so you will be in good company. Keep in mind that because your jaws have stopped growing or that you may have had teeth removed, your orthodontics may need a little extra time to do their job.

Remember that you aren’t limited to the metal braces you remember from your youth. In fact, with there are a variety of systems from which to choose which can make your orthodontics less noticeable and shorten your treatment time.

Of course, there are some changes that you will have to make in your life. For example, depending on your course of treatment, you may have to brush after every meal and snack, and spend more time and effort brushing and flossing. Clear aligners can be removed before meals and snacks, but other orthodontics will require some extra TLC. If you aren’t using a clear aligner system, you should avoid hard and sticky foods, which can damage or get stuck in your dental work.

If the time has come for you to get an improved smile, the first step is to make an appointment to see our dentist, Dr. Ronald Cass for an evaluation and a treatment recommendation. If you live in the Austin, Texas, area and would like to make an appointment at NW Hills Dental and Orthodontics, call 512-345-2655 today.