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Ronald B Cass DDS FAGD, PA
7011 Hart Lane, Austin, TX 78731 in NW Hills
FELLOW of the Academy of General Dentistry

DIPLOMATE of the Academy of  GP Orthodontics 

Voted TEXAS SUPER DENTISTS by Texas Monthly Magazine 2009-2015

Family General Dentistry Including Orthodontic Services & INVISALIGN/ ClearCorrect

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How we care for Kids

KIDS need to have fun when they come see us. So we try our best to educate and entertain them at the same time. Thankfully, they usually enjoy coming back to see us. We certainly want to prevent cavities and start teaching good gum health from the very start.

When a youngster can sit still enough in the dental chair and open their mouth to show others their teeth (usually between age three and four), we like to have a happy fun filled visit counting their teeth for them and allowing them to be comfortable in our environment. Parents are welcome to sit beside their child so we can visit with you as well, much like having company in the living room at home.

Likely, children will begin to feel comfortable and we graduate to polishing their teeth and eventually taking xrays to see in between their teeth. Prevention is our priority so we even start youngsters on flossing with children floss holders, not to mention small sized tooth brushes.

We even have children sized Sonicares (battery powered electrical toothbrushes) that are wonderfully successful at maintaining great teeth and gum health.

Should a small cavity be discovered, we have been very successful with Micro-Abrasion Dentistry, which allows us to clean out the small defect, avoiding anesthesia, and have a very small filling all without being terribly hurtful to your youngster. Yes, of course, we still on occasion have to provide anesthesia to properly clean out a larger cavity but we follow the guidelines of Tell, Show and Do so the child is never surprized. We have done this for decades and the kids don't mind coming back for their check-ups and in fact, want to impress us with how well they have improved! We try to approach children just as we would want ourselves being treated.